Surcharge Calculator

Ever wanted an easy way to know the total cost when using your credit card?

The Surcharge Calculator is an easy way to find out how much you are really paying when purchasing something with your credit card. It quickly calculates the surcharge based on a purchase amount and surcharge percentage rate (or flat fee), and compares this to the true cost of purchasing from your savings account by using your interest rate to see which is the cheaper option.

  • New: Now a free download!
  • Easily calculate a surcharge for a credit card purchase
  • Save money when paying bills or making large purchases by knowing exactly how much you will really be paying when using your credit card
  • Simply enter the amount and surcharge rate charged
  • Calculate how much interest you would miss out on earning by spending from your savings, and compare the total costs to see which option is cheaper
  • Calculate a surcharge percentage rate from a fixed fee surcharge
  • Colour coded results for easy identification
  • Enhanced for iOS 10

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