MedEvac Log update v1.1.1

17 May 2014 / By Glenn

The latest version of MedEvac Log (v1.1.1) is now in live in the app store. Included in this update:

Fixed a bug in the Case Timing screen that caused a crash for a small number of users.

Updated the way an age is calculated from a recorded date of birth, it is now relative to the Case activation date rather than the current date.

Updated the units an age is displayed in for ages 24 months and under when setting a specific date of birth rather than a simple age.

Added the ability to double tap a photo to quickly zoom in or out.

Some minor visual improvements for iOS7 users including:
• Increased the visibility of empty text boxes in to make them easier to see during night scenarios
• Changed the keyboard appearance to a darker style to help the app not to be so bright when used during night scenarios
• Some button icons have been updated